Below are a few small snapshots of work that Silverwind has done with a variety of businesses. These are by no means the entire scope of our work, but they’ll provide you with an idea of what we do and how we can help your organization.

DPS | Diversified Power Solutions

“They got us out of our box. We are introducing our first B2C product to the market and needed to figure out how to reach potential customers. Doug and his team not only helped us pick three channels we had not considered; they also identified an entirely different persona to target. Worth the investment to bring them in.” - Mike Ray, DPS COO
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Sandusky Newspaper Group

As our most extensive engagement, our Managing Partner served as CEO of Sandusky Newspapers for a prolonged period after helping the organization change from a legacy organization to a digitally-focused group. After leading the company through needed change, we succeeded in helping the owners position the organization for a desired sale.
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D-R Media and Investments

“Awesome” The one-word description given by CEO David Dunn-Rankin in describing their experience with Silverwind. The initial engagement involved a business model overhaul for an existing unit with recent acquisitions, rebuilding the main product with a sizable decrease in costs, and a revenue model project for another unit. They continue to work with Silverwind in other areas.
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As a new startup, CrowdScoop had a master-class data science team that struggled with how to take their genius ideas and create a business. Having used their services for other clients, we were happy to step in and work with the team to create a sound business model, initiate some marketing outreach processes, and take these great ideas and put them into practice in the real world. At the conclusion of the engagement, CrowdScoop had gone from a collection of brilliant concepts to a real-life business that was ready to generate profit.
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This startup media/event/marketing group with growing audience needed to create a transportable revenue model and called in Silverwind for help. They were getting prepared for a first investment round and needed a clear model that fully monetized their influential market segments and could be easily replicated in their first wave of expansion to other markets.
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