How Do You Know When to Bring in a Consultant?

Is It Time to Look Outside Your Organization? Contrary to popular belief, bringing in consultants doesn’t mean you’ve failed to solve your own problems. You can be the most brilliant, innovative, and efficient business manager and still need a hand. Even Steve Jobs got stuck; it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. But before you start […]

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Name Your Price: How to Test Pricing Effectively

Don’t Leave Money on the Table When I speak with a client and suggest that they try raising their business’ prices, there’s usually a lot of skepticism. After all, who wants to risk losing business to sky-high price tags? Luckily, that's not what I'm suggesting. What I am suggesting is taking some time to carefully […]

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Save Money by Investing in Your Tech

Spending on Tech Now Could Mean a Big Payoff Later I went to a pop-up street market last weekend, and something caught my attention: Every seller was swiping cards on their phones. It was quick, it was efficient, and it wasn’t what I expected to see among the fresh strawberries and hand-made greeting cards.  It […]

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Selling the Fries: How to Easily Grow Your Sales

What You Don’t Offer Could Cost You In 1948, the McDonald brothers opened up their new burger joint where you could get a 15-cent hamburger, a milkshake, and fries. That was almost half the cost of a burger at the time, so how did that grow into a multi-billion dollar empire? They sold the fries. […]

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What Is A CEO And Why Does It Matter?

The concept of the Topmost Person in an organization has been around since the pharaohs, but until recently, organizations used the term “president” for their top operating person. CEO came into vogue in the 70s and seems to have a connection to the rise of the conglomerate which was comprised of many units, frequently with their own […]

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