Stop! Knowing When Enough Is Enough

I’m going to give you some business advice that you probably don’t get a lot: Stop. Stop already! Your business is trying to do too much at once—you’re trying to do too much. It’s December as I write this, and it’s a mystical time when contracts end, leases expire, and there’s a strong wind of […]

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Hilton or Marriott: Getting the most out of customer loyalty

Are you a Hilton person or a Marriott person? I ask because this distinction recently came up while my wife and I were at a family event out of town, and the organizer had booked it at a DoubleTree hotel. Upon learning this, I did what a rational, sane person does, and pulled out my […]

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Is "The Big Regret" the Next Job Market Phenomenon?

Just a couple months ago, everyone was talking about the Great Resignation or the Big Quit—I even talked about it on this platform. This mass migration of professionals changing jobs (or even industries) for greener pastures fundamentally changed the look of the job market. Whatever industry you were in, whether you were hiring a barista […]

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Are You Managing, or Doing?

Early in my management career, I worked at a company where the mantra was, “Everyone needs to be personally productive.” That meant that no matter your location or position in the organizational structure, you were responsible for regularly producing something of concrete value—no one just “managed.” This was at a newspaper company, so being “personally […]

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Expert Advice Only Works if You Listen

Years ago, I took over command of a company that was in rocky shape. And on my first day in this new role, I found something interesting in the top drawer of my new desk: reports. Three detailed, extensive reports from experts who had been contracted to assess areas of improvement for the business. My […]

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Pick Three: Time to Make Your Financials Work For You

Recently, I was working with a GM of one of my owned companies, and we were conducting a routine review of our results against our first quarter plan. I’ve been doing these types of reviews for years, and I know that there’s often a lot of dead weight in these financial reports. For instance, on […]

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Why Did the Job Market Become Tinder?

When I was taking the first big step in my media career, I found myself in the enviable position of leading a newspaper group as we were coming out of a recession. The local factories needed people desperately, and those help wanted ads made us so much money that we started aggressively going out and […]

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Sales Tactics to Overhaul Your Management Style

Sales can get a bad rap, but there are fundamental elements of selling that can be useful at any level in an organization. In fact, I’d argue that many of the core tenets of sales are really just good management skills. And the higher up the corporate ladder you are, the more important sales skills […]

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17 Things to Do in the Next 9.5 Days to Quadruple Productivity in 2022

If you’re like me, the first few days of the new year start with a lot of powering through food comas, picking up project threads from December, and thinking, “How am I going to make an impact this year?” And then you start reading the advice blogs. And what you find often aren’t the game-changing […]

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Dismantling the Myth of Binary Management

Win or lose, black or white, on or off: Whatever the metric, a lot of management advice is wrapped up in binary thinking. We’ve all read the advice books and viral LinkedIn posts about the secret to winning, how to beat the competition, and other buzzy phrases that tell us that if we’re not winning, […]

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