The New Normal Is Here, but What if It’s Not Enough?

We’re well past the halfway point for the year, and in many ways, it’s starting to feel like the new normal is setting in. It’s not quite what most of us were used to, but as new buying habits, new patterns, new products, and new services have changed everyone’s lives, we’re starting to see groves […]

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Are You Giving Customers the Right Information About Your Business?

When’s the last time you called your own phone system? If you don’t remember, now is the time to make that call. Literally, stop reading right now and call your own main number—not somebody’s office, call the one that rings to your auto attendant. If you’re like many people, that may have been a pretty […]

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Finding the Right Team to Execute Your Post-Pandemic Plan

It may seem impossible after dealing with the pandemic for so long, but we are finally on the cusp of the world reopening. There’s some variance depending on where you are, your vaccination rates, and other important factors, but the overall trend is certainly that we’re inching closer to a post-pandemic world. And importantly, that […]

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Time to Place Your Bets on the Future

After more than 12 months of getting by in a pandemic, I think it’s fair to say that we’ve all learned a lot. We’ve all but made it through one of the biggest business disruptions in contemporary history, and that has required a lot of adaptation and flexibility from all of us. And while it […]

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2021 Budgets: Predicting the Unpredictable

Dear Executive, Hey, it’s almost February! Congratulations. You’ve gotten your year started and the 2021 budget is officially in full swing. Bet it’s going just how you planned it, right? You put time and research into crafting your budget, you make educated assumptions, and put in the work to get ready for the new year. […]

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Leading Effectively in the Most Stressful of Times

The phrase “unprecedented times” has become a platitude at this point, and while this situation is unique, I believe that we can draw from past experiences to help navigate these new issues. Because while the current climate is new, having to manage under stress is as old as management. When I was first starting off […]

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Why You Can’t Wait to Replace Old Tech

As we all keep going and the pandemic drags on, there’s a temptation to just “hang in there” until normal comes back around. But as many people have realized, normal isn’t coming back. The events of the pandemic have forever changed the ways that we live and work. And while that isn’t wholly good or […]

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Changing Times Mean Changed Practices

We hear it every day: The world is changing. And while the coronavirus has brought about perhaps the most obvious changes, the influx of new ideas did not start in 2020. It has been happening with each passing year, and it has drastically changed the way that we all work. This isn’t solely because of […]

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Stabilizing Your Team in Unstable Times

Even in the best of times, change is hard. And it’s pretty clear that we’re not in the best of times right now. Many of us feel unsettled for any number of reasons, and we’ve lost our calm, quiet spaces. If you used to get stressed at the office, home was a place where you […]

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Are You Maximizing Profits, or Caught Up in the Short Term?

For individuals running a franchise, it’s pretty easy to see if you’re maximizing your profits. Usually you can get information from your parent company and see how you stack up. Many times people working in a diversified industry can find a trade association to provide similar guidance. But if you’re operating something a little more […]

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